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Bollywood Corner
Stay updated with all the running movies and their showtimes. From previewing a movie to reviewing it, bollywood corner gives you deep insight of the indian film industry. And we know you can't afford to skip the movie trailers section.
Bollywood Corner
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Bollywood Corner

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Explore this section to find your new born kid's name and the language you want to teach them
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Kids Corner

Discussion Corner
Find all the desi activities around you by communicating with community users. Whether it is a talk amongst housewives regrading some receipe or requiring guidance from someone about green card, Discussion groups offer you complete assistance for any need.
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Indian Recipes
Find Most of the Indian Recipes in this section. You'll find all the flavors of North Indian dishes to the authentic Dosa or Idli of south India.
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Business Finder
Looking for a place to eat? or a doctor for a regular check-up? Business finder section helps you to find every desi business in and around your city. From adress and contact info to maps of the business location, search for a specific business type was never this easy.
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Business Finder

Travel Corner
The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page. Follow this old saying and Explore all the popular cities in the world and get the travel tips from other users.
Travel Section
Indian Cities
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Travel Corner

News Corner
Get all the latest news on your desktop all the time. Stay alert with every incident happening locally and across the atlantic.
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